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Thermal Solar Energy and Photovoltaics


If you own an industrial building, a storage unit, a garage, a farm, or even a terrace, you may not be making full use of the roof or deck surface. And yet the sun radiates huge amounts of energy that should be taken advantage of.

So why not capture some of this valuable solar energy to generate additional income or save some money on electricity bills?

Thermal solar energy and photovoltaicsIn modern times, natural energy simply has to be efficiently used to avoid high costs and to reduce CO2 emissions that are harmful for the atmosphere. Gesproyec Ingeniería e Instalaciones S.L. can help you achieve this.

Our contractors are duly licensed to install thermal solar energy and photovoltaic systems. During the installation process, they will comply with all valid regulations and carry out the installation as indicated in the project specifications designed by the responsible engineer or technician. Our staff and contractors will at all times comply with relevant regulations on health and safety.

In all cases, licensed thermal solar energy and photovoltaics specialists will be responsible for carrying out the installations. Finally, to meet all legal requirements, every installation will be duly certified and documented accordingly by means of a technical report. Upon request, we also take care of all legalisation procedures that need to be carried out through the Ministry of Industry, as well as any necessary administrative procedures with the regional electricity supplier Unelco Endesa.

Our licensed contractors have ample experience with the following types of thermal solar energy and photovoltaic systems:

  • Thermal solar energy for single family homes.
  • Thermal solar energy for buildings.
  • Thermal solar energy for heating pools.
  • Photovoltaic installations for private houses.
  • Photovoltaic installations connected to the public electricity network.

Please contact us for a free and non-binding quote for installations, repairs and maintenance work.

Please don't hesitate to contact our engineering department in case you have any questions regarding thermal solar energy and photovoltaic systems.